Dear Participants,


It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 6th International Congress of Sports Medicine, which will take place from 20-21 of October 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia.

Our aim is to transfer knowledge within the fields of medicine and top-level sport, between medical doctors, trainers, experts in kinesiology, sports nutrition, physical therapy and, of course, athletes, under Motto: ”Let’s work together”.

We hope that each participant will find his/her interest, regardless of whether he/she works on instructional lectures, consultations for the complex cases shown, or attends workshops and debates on issues from fields of “sports nutrition and regeneration ” and “muscle injuries”.

Finally, we want to provide a positive and comfortable environment for the Congress to take place in Maribor, surrounded by beautiful Pohorje mountain and vineyards. Moreover, we wish to contribute to a fruitful learning experience, while new lasting friendships among participants.


prof. Matjaž Vogrin

President of the Organizing Committee

of 6th International Congress of Sports Medicine

Friday: 9-17h
Saturday: 9-14h


Muscle injuries

  • epidemiology
  • injury mechanisms
  • diagnostics
  • therapeutic approaches and return to sport

ACL injuries in young athletes

  • Epidemiology of ACL injuries in young athletes
  • What is young patient in context of ACL injury?
  • Physal sparing or transphysal ACL reconstruction?
  • Prevention of ACL injuries (FIFA 11+ prevention programme?)

Tendinopathies in young athletes

  • epidemiology and diagnosis
  • clinical examination
  • advanced imaging of tendinopathies
  • therapy with tendinopathies

Doping and nutrition in young athletes

  • analysis of the state of nutrition
  • nutrition planning
  • regeneration in sport
  • regeneration in young football players

Registration fee:
OTHERS: 100 €